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polaris workshop

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First Name * polaris
Last Name * workshop
Username * polarisworkshop
Country * China


Website www.polarisworkshop.com/


founded in Beijing in2014 by artists of China film and television concept design and CG, its main creating and operating team is consisted of senior artists and professional managers from film, game and animation industries. It provides good-quality outsoucing services like film and television concept designs, game concept designs, illustrations and etc. Ever since its foundation, it has taken part in the production of: animation series of ALi's Dream Island, game project of Fatasy of Gods and Ghosts (Shen Gui Huan Xiang), television series projects such as The Disguiser and Tribes and Empires, film projects such as Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe by Chuan Lu and The Great Wall by Zhang Yimou and etc. All of these brought fame and brand impact to Polarisworkshop.